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AWARE UK is a UK based marketing and management consultancy offering clients business support services.

Our services are aimed at helping our clients get the best from their resources. In a world where time is money, using us can give you more time to do what really counts in your business - making the money and profits you need to survive.

Our associates have experience in marketing, import/export, and general research. We can help you find business partners globally, identify and carry out due diligence on investment opportunities, or train your staff in all aspects of marketing.

We aim to help you face the changes and plan to succeed, taking advantage of opportunities while guarding against the threats to your business success.

Our aim is to work with you, combining our experience with yours, so that you choose what is right for your business as it is now and as you want it to be in the future.

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16 Craigweil Close
Stanmore, Middx

Tel: 020 8537 9290
Fax: 020 8954 2102

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